Friday, March 17, 2006

The Write-Ons!

I created this blog almost a year ago and never looked back. So much has happened since last June, so many ups and downs. A veritable roller coaster ride bringing me to a screaming halt right where I need to be -- At the beginning.

I found this great blog - Michelle Rowan who has set forth an interesting challenge to join her in writing a book along with several other writers (see sidebar) its not the fabulous prizes - its the sense of belonging that inspired me to add my first comment and step up and join the fray. Writing, as much as I dream of becoming a published author, terrifies me. Facing that blank page and just beginning (good, bad, or horrific) sends little shivers down my spine and my mind just freezes. As soon as I walk away ideas seem to fly and I wish that I could trap just one and sit still long enough to write it down. They evaporate like wisps of smoke as soon as I see that damned blank page.

No More! I am putting myself out there and saying to the world I want to write, I am good at it (when I actually sit down and do it), and dammit I have something to say--a story to tell.

Friday, June 24, 2005